Games & Sports Activities
Physical Education has been considered as an essential part of human life from time immemorial. Health and Physical Education is not simply content comprising of desired change in knowledge, attitudes and practices, it is also processes that empower people and develop a capability of self health care. With these objectives our health and physical resource center has sufficient equipments, allied materials and accessories to promote healthy and competitive spirit that enable the students to face challenges in actual life solutions.†

The annual sports festival incorporating different sporting activities such as athletics, volleyball, football, badminton, cricket, Kho-Kho, Disc throw, Javelin, Short Put etc. whereas among indoor sporting activities chess, carom & table tennis etc. competition are organized, which not only aims at physical fitness but also contributing towards the healthy allround personality development of students. Swami Dayanand College of Education believes that games & supports are very important from a holistic education purpose & provides lifelong pleasure, fulfillment, relaxation, physical fitness, self esteem and faster team spirit.

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